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How We Do It

From your business establishment to its seamless growth, we provide services & solutions that smoothen up the path to success for you.


SRS and Project Discussion

The first step in creating a seamless experience lies in accurate planning, research and strategy. At this stage we try to understand and learn everything about your business and analyze each aspect of it, which affects how you operate your business, like your audiences, your competitors, your industry and the global tech environment.


Workflow and Project Planning

The second step is to create a workflow structure addressing your needs. Deciding the resources and talents you would need, putting the budgets in place and creating a detailed roadmap with milestones and phases to complete the project.



This is the third stage, where we start building your awesome UI/ UX designs based on research done by us and information provided by you. We use a collaborative approach when it comes to design and your vision about the app is paramount. Our designers make sure that the the design of your app is highly interactive and never bores the user.



After the design phase is over, we work on the development of your app at the backend and this is where we we infuse the brains and strengths of our super coders and developers. Adding functionality to your app and keeping it aligned with your vision is what happens at this stage.



This is the fourth phase of your app development where we test your app in different environments and settings with advanced tools to keep your app bug free and smooth. Any glitches or unwanted codes are removed at this stage and the performance is heavily tested and aligned accordingly.


Product/Software Deployment

Only when we are fully prepared and satisfied with the app we have built we go ahead and suggest launching the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We also help with any other portals you’d like to publish it on.



Post deployment, we assess the analytics set in place to see how your app performed in realtime and give you the feedback of how the user interacted with it. Giving you an insight into what works and what doesn’t and suggest changes based on this data.


Maintenance and Iterations

People get easily bored of the first version, unless you are not improving continuously the chances of your app being successful becomes slim and that’s a bad place to be in. Thus we are always present for new developments and maintenance to keep your app up to date.